Harvester's 25th Anniversary Event

Saturday, December 5th


Harvester 25th Anniversary Event

 Watch here for info on Harvester's 25th Anniversary Event 

to be held on Saturday, December 5th   


Help Us Prepare for the 25th Celebration

We need your Harvester stories and stuff!

 We would like to collect pictures and "memories" from our church members from their time with Harvester - please think about any special, funny, touching moments you have had at Harvester or because of Harvester and share them by emailing to harvesterdaringfaith@gmail.com or writing them out and dropping them in the Harvester Memories box that is in the main church hallway.

We would also like to do some short video member interviews where members can share about an experience with Harvester that can be shared. Please email harvesterdaringfaith@gmail.com or drop a not in the Harvester Memories box if you would be willing to participate! 

We would love a variety of content - Harvester helping you come to Christ (anyone take Pastor Gary's Evangelism class or Class 401?), memories of getting married/baptized, funny memories, memories of meeting lifetime friends, etc.