Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

All personal information provided to Harvester United Methodist Church (hereafter referred to as "Harvester") through the Harvester website or through other methods shall be kept confidential and will not be shared with any person, business, or other entity that is not affiliated with Harvester. 

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Children's Ministry - Medical and Media Release

Children's Ministry - Regular Events Medical and Media Release


Media and Medical Release Notice: 

Please know that all activities at Harvester United Methodist Church (“Harvester”) Children's Ministry may be photographed and/or video recorded.  

If it is necessary that you and/or your child(ren) be exempt from being photographed and/or video recorded, please notify the Director of Children's Ministry, or the acting Director of Children's Ministry equivalent in absence of a Director of Children's Ministry (i.e. Associate Pastor of Family Ministries), in writing.

An absence of said notice and your presence and/or your child(ren)'s presence in Children's Ministry shall be considered agreement your and/or your child(ren) may be photographed and/or videotaped until such a notice is presented.

The unlimited rights of said photos and videos of all participants and attendees (including Parents, Guardians, and other visiting adults) permitted to be photographed and videotaped shall be retained by those who create such media for any purpose at any time without any further permission or notice needed by parties involved. No involuntary compensation shall be given to or expected by participants of Harvester's Children's Ministry or Harvester.

The primary purpose of said media shall be to present Children's Ministry activities to Harvester, Children's Ministry participants, and their families, as well as promote future events of Harvester's Children's Ministry, and represent Harvester in compliance with its mission to “Bring people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.” The main reason for this notice is to allow the photographer/ videographer to share their pictures, individually and collectively with participating families and Harvester freely, and further enhance the Children's Ministry experience for those involved.

Your signature and/or your child's completed registration for Children's Ministry shall serve as an affirmation that all the information on this form is true, to the best of your knowledge.

You agree to release Harvester and its volunteers of all liability for any incidents occurring in Children's Ministry. 

Based on the information provided, you grant permission to Harvester Staff and volunteers designated by Harvester, to dispense medication as directed, as well as render First Aid.

It is your understanding that Harvester's Staff or designated volunteer(s) will attempt to notify you in case of a medical emergency involving your child. 


If the church (staff, leadership, designated volunteers) cannot reach you, then you authorize the church to hire a doctor or health-care professional, and you give your permission to the doctor or other health-care professional, to provide the medical services he or she may deem necessary.  You agree to pay for any medical expenses incurred.

Your signature or affirmation on an online form (a response of "Yes") shall also serve as agreement with the terms of this notice, including the responsibility to inform others that may attend Children's Ministry of the information in this notice in the event of their attendance.

The terms of this agreement shall only apply to regular Children's Ministry events not requiring a separate registration (i.e. Children's Christmas Experience or Vacation Bible School).

In the absence of a new registration for future school years, the conditions of this notice shall remain in effect until such registration is received.