Sunday Worship Opportunities


What is Harvester Like?

The idea of going to "Church" can be a bit scary if you've never been before, or haven't been there for awhile. Or even if you're just coming to a new place with new people.  

We know, because we've all felt it too.  

Harvester is full of all kinds of folks, from many backgrounds, with lots of different life experiences. Together we worship, pray, share life's ups and downs, serve and celebrate God's grace in Jesus Christ.  We know we aren't perfect, but we also know that God loves us anyway - and in return we try to be faithful. 

Coming to Join us for Worship?

Wear what feels comfortable for you - you'll see sport coats and ties, blue jeans and shorts. (It's hot down here in Florida!)

We have comfy padded chairs, a variety of music, and a wonderful blend of traditional and modern. 

Children are welcomed and encouraged to join in worship - they are "the church" as much as the adults are!  Children and youth are welcome in the sanctuary during service, but we have some pretty cool Worship and education sessions tailored especially for their ages that they may want to try instead.

Worship Services

9:00 Traditional Worship


9:00 am Traditional Worship

Church just like you remember it!

Every week the Pastor has a stirring message, we sing hymns, we recite the Apostle's Creed and the Lord's Prayer, and the choir has an anthem.

  • Nursery available

11:00 Contemporary Worship


11:00 am Contemporary Worship 

Church with modern twist!

The Praise band opens the service with an exciting Worship and Praise set of music, followed by a  stirring message from the Pastor.

  • Nursery available for children 2 and under
  • Children's Worship Hour offered for children age 3 through 5th grade

5th Sunday Combined Worship


 On months with 5 Sundays, the entire congregation gathers for a single worship service together at 10am. Gathering together helps us build bonds of friendship and fellowship. 

Each 5th Sunday has different emphasis. The themes are rotated through the year, from  Traditional Worship to Contemporary Worship  to Youth Led to the summertime theme of old fashioned "Camp Meeting"

Cookout or Potluck Celebration After Service!

Communion - 1st Sunday of Each Month

Christian Education (Sunday School)

Children's Worship Hour


Held during 11:00 am Contemporary Worship 

Open to all Children ages 6 through 5th Grade

Find out more about Children's Worship Hour

Children's Pre-K


Held during 11:00 am Contemporary Worship 

Open to all Children through age 5

Find out more about Children's Pre-K

Sunday School for 6, 7 & 8th graders


Held during 11:00 am Contemporary Worship 

Youth start  in the sanctuary with their parents and enjoy the fellowship and music. During the offertory, they go to the Youth Room with Mrs. Linda Smith and use the sermon notes to discuss the sermon.

Find out more about the 6, 7 & 8th grade Sunday School



Nursery available for children 2 and under 

Find out more about the Nursery

Adult Sunday School


 10:00 am Adult Sunday School 

Find out more about Adult Sunday School

Past Sermons

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Video of Past Sermons

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